Taylor Perry is a globally-recognized SMP Artist and widely regarded as one of the best in the industry

Taylor has revolutionized the premise of SMP Training. You will often see a 3-Day, 5-Day, or even 7-Day long course that promises to teach you everything you need to know. Realistically, that is just not possible. Scalp Micropigmentation is an extremely delicate art form that requires dedication, attention to detail, practice, and most importantly time.

Through Taylor’s one-of-a-kind hybrid SMP Training course, a student will learn all the ins and outs of an SMP procedure as well as what it takes for being successful in the field before they even pick up a needle. After a 3-week online training boot camp, graduates will be certified SMP technicians. After earning this certificate, students may opt-in for a 2-day in-person training session with Perry where they can earn their SMP Master’s Certificate.

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Well, if the results didn't speak for themself...

Taylor Perry is an experienced SMP artist often featured in publications such as BarberEVO and Barber Magazine, with nearly 25 years of experience as a barber, Taylor quickly realized that scalp micropigmentation was the craft he was destined for the second he learned what it was. Today, the award-winning SMP artist operates and trains new talent out of his studio in Hollywood, Florida, and completes 70+ procedures every month; his entire studio completes over 120.

With a clientele full of athletes, business moguls, and on-camera talent, getting a slot with Taylor Perry is difficult, but the work is undeniable. Having decades of experience as a barber makes Perry not only uniquely qualified at being one of the best SMP artists in the world, but it also makes his SMP Training course one of the best places for up-and-coming artists to get their foot in the door of this booming industry.

Taylor's revolutionary 2-day SMP Training course consists of an innovative blend between online and in-person coaching that not only teaches his students everything they need to know but also increases the retention/graduation rate by almost 300%.

Through hands-on direction, effective training modules, and one on one time with your instructor, honing the skills necessary to becoming a renowned SMP artist has never been more achievable.

Course Curriculum Outline

The largest organ in the human body, the skin is extremely sophisticated in its own right. Knowing what is going on in the skin before making any alterations to it is critical to quality SMP work. Equally important would be knowing what measures to take depending on the color and type of skin you are working with. How and what alterations are necessary to achieve the desired result would be the penultimate step prior to completing the procedure. These are all steps covered in detail during the scalp micropigmentation training program.
Color theory is often regarded as one of the most trivial facets of scalp micropigmentation and one of the most important aspects of the training academy. An advanced and applicable knowledge of color theory is what separates good and great SMP artists and sets a well-done job apart from completely undetectable results. The part of the curriculum that addresses color theory will cover all sides of SMP pigment theory; this includes color method, dilution techniques, coordinating follicles to skin tones, creating unrecognizable blends, etc. With Taylor’s expert instruction and real-world experience, you will confidently be able to work on anyone that walks through your doors with confidence and ease.
Hairlines are different for everyone. Designing the perfect hairline for a client is one of the most important duties of a scalp micropigmentation artist. Through the Taylor Perry Training Academy, you will learn the proper skills and techniques in facial shape and facial symmetry that are prerequisites in creating and applying the perfect hairline for every single client that walks through your doors. Regardless of level or type of baldness, you will have the knowledge needed to create whatever it is your client is looking for. Whether it be a soft look or a sharp fade, you will leave the academy with a plethora of skills that will leave you more than prepared to build a value-driven portfolio that highlights the range necessary for a tenured SMP artist.
It is safe to say that the best SMP work starts with the best tools. Through the Taylor Perry Training Academy, we will review and learn everything about the machines, pigments, needles, and power supplies that scalp micropigmentation artists use on a daily basis as well as the proper times to use them. Understanding the full potential behind your enclave of tools is exactly what establishes the credibility of an artist and provides a path that leads to longevity in the industry. What the machines are capable of, the science behind the procedure and the series of things that are happening every time the needle penetrates the skin are all topics that will be covered in depth to illustrate to the student the true importance of each and every facet of scalp micropigmentation.
An SMP procedure similar to a tattoo requires expert hand placement, dexterity, range of motion, and with time, earned muscle memory to perform consistent and quality work. Through the Taylor Perry Training Academy, we will cover each aspect of the SMP procedure in detail so you are comfortable with every step of the process prior to completing the course.

Becoming a great artist is step one, bringing in a clientele, however, is what gets you paid! Whether you are expanding your existing business or starting a brand new one, the Taylor Perry Training Academy will take you through all the steps necessary to start your own SMP practice.

One of the most important parts of the industry and the facet that will set you apart from your competition is personal branding and marketing. How you and your practice come across correlates directly with the clientele you attract. Through your time with the Taylor Perry Training Academy, you will learn the necessary skills and techniques that will help you not only take quality photos/videos, create engaging social media content, and a viable sales funnel, but it will also prepare you for the constantly changing world of the scalp micropigmentation industry.

Scalp Micropigmentation & You

  1. What is SMP?
  2. Who is SMP for?
  3. Benefits of SMP
  4. Drawbacks of SMP
  5. Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and remaining competitive in the industry
  6. Networking and Branding
  7. Your First Website
  8. Yelp and Online Reviews

Skin Anatomy, the In’s & Out’s

  1. Working on different types of Skin
  2. Fitzpatrick Skin Types
  3. Working with disorders, botched work, and clients that regret their past SMP experience
  4. Removing tattoos and lightening ink on skin
  5. Analyzing Facial Structure and Symmetry
  6. Measuring and Creating the perfect hairline
  7. Lymphatic System

Preemptive Measures

  1. Preparing a client for a procedure and discussing side effects
  2. Setting up and breaking down a workstation
  3. Preventing Cross-Contamination
  4. PPE
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Proper disposal of sharps
  7. Steps to creating a sanitary work environment
  8. Cleaning your procedure room
  9. Needle sizes depending on needs
  10. SMP on clients with Long Hair
  11. Advice on Pricing services, overview of supplies needed, and information on where to purchase

Baldness and Hairlines

  1. Causes of Baldness
  2. Male Pattern Baldness
  3. Hair Loss Treatments
  4. Hair Transplants (FUE/FUT)
  5. Hairline Types
  6. General rules for all hairlines
  7. Creating the hard hairline
  8. Creating the soft natural hairline
  9. Creating the receded natural hairline
  10. Practicing Drawing Hairlines and the before and after process

SMP Products & Tools

  1. Selecting Needle Sizes
  2. Pigments
  3. Machine Theory and best practices

Color Theory

  1. Mixing Colors/Ink
  2. Creating Pigment Shades
  3. Modifying Pigments
  4. How to make browns (shades of brown)
  5. Layering Colors
  6. Dot work and blending techniques

Post-Procedure Practices

  1. After-care in between sessions and for after the procedure is complete

The Day-to-Day in SMP

  1. Client intake
  2. In-Person/Virtual Consolations
  3. Explaining SMP to clients
  4. How to get professional quality photos/ proper lighting and camera

As much of an inconvenience it may be, the truth of the matter is that men and women are balding every single day. It is no secret that Hair Loss is a $3 billion dollar industry. And with supplements and/or transplant surgery not being an ideal option for millions of people throughout the world, scalp micropigmentation has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The average SMP procedure can cost anywhere from $2,000.00 - $6,000.00 (USD) and that does not account for periodic touch-ups that are always recommended. This is not only a great service to offer for barbers like Taylor himself, but also for tattoo artists, estheticians, beauticians, permanent makeup (PMU) artists, or anyone with an eye for detail that is serious about the industry and sees the true potential behind the revolutionary and industry-disrupting procedure.

Taylor Perry, SMP Artist & Trainer


We aren’t just a network, we’re a family.

The Taylor Perry SMP community is unlike any other. Naturally, through the class, each student will be fully equipped with not only access to Taylor for their entire SMP career but they will also be given only the best products and tools approved by the King of SMP himself. This includes pigments, needles, as well as Taylor Perry’s branded signature foam, butter, aftercare serum, and more.

Students will have access to 10% OFF all Taylor Perry SMP products for retail and bulk pricing.

After completion of the course, each student will receive a free physical copy of Taylor’s extremely sought-after book, access to the online course that they will be able to login to for the rest of their lives, and access to private Facebook and WhatsApp groups where they will be able to connect with likeminded artists from around the world.

Through these groups, you will be able to exchange tips and tricks with other artists, seek recommendations, share pictures of work, provide references and referrals, and so much more. In an industry as competitive as SMP, every leg up you have could be vital to the impact you have; due to that, resources such as networking groups can make all the difference in the day-to-day of a SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) artist.

SMP Training - Online SMP Training Course


"I began cutting hair when I was 15 & tattooing didn’t come much longer after."

When I discovered SMP, a combination of the two things I knew best, you can imagine how eager I was to get started. I began training day in and day out, any and every way I could until I became the very best. To this day, I attend countless events every year and my portfolio is easily accessible for anyone to see, when I say I am the best, I mean it.

Now I’m ready to bring to you, the Taylor Perry Training Academy, a complete and comprehensive tutorial of everything you need to know to get started in the SMP industry. If you’re going to learn, I really suggest learning from the best.

"I look forward to training with you!"